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You have the Power to Make a Difference


Activism is more than just being aware of an issue. It’s rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. Get involved anyway that you can. You have the power to make a difference! The women and girls that we work with have a vast array of needs and I know together we can meet them.

Do you own your own business?  Do you work in a welcoming environment that loves to train and teach? Every one of the women and girls coming out of “the life” needs employment.  The means by which they support themselves and their family was just taken away and many become desperate for new sources of income.  Being able to offer job skills and even allow them to shadow you would be invaluable.

Are you a doctor, lawyer, or any other professional that has a good or service to offer? At Awaken, we have a Professional Network that offers pro bono or discounted rates for services for our clients. In the past year, we have had eye exams and glasses donated to three different women before they began school.  We have retired teachers volunteering to tutor the girls and offer study and test prep help.  Even a local spa, Haven, hosts a monthly spa night to pamper and love on the women and children we work with.

Another great way is to start an awareness group or club.  You can hold informational meetings highlighting the different aspects of human trafficking.  You can also show a documentary to your family and group of friends.  After the documentary ends, you can host an open forum for questions and answers.  This gives you a platform to hear new ideas and increase momentum within your sphere of influence.

In addition, you can also host an event or fundraiser.  January is Sex Trafficking Awareness Month and this past January, the women’s basketball team at the University of Nevada, Reno dedicated their game to Awaken.  They showed informational commercials during the game and had team members speak out on why this is an important issue to them.  They also asked the community to donate gift cards that went directly to the victims of sex trafficking.

There are so many unique and creative ways to get involved.  Comment below and tell me how you plan to make an impact in the fight against sex trafficking! If we all come together, I absolutely believe we will live to see the end of sex trafficking!

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About Jen Robinson

I am committed to seeing commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking eradicated in northern Nevada and around the world. I believe I have an important role to play in transforming my community and desire to see Reno become a safe city for our women and children. If you would like to give toward the fight against sex trafficking visit

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