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You have the Power to Make a Difference

Activism is more than just being aware of an issue. It’s rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. Get involved anyway that you can. You have the power to make a difference! The women and girls that we work with have a vast array of needs and I know together we can meet them. Do you own your own… Read more »

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Why Reno is the Best City

I love when our team and community pull their resources together and the outcome is positive!  Reno is one of the most dedicated and passionate cities I have ever lived in. It is one of the many things that makes me proud to call Reno home.  We do not just want to throw money at a problem or pretend that… Read more »

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Is there a one size fits all pimp?

In Raising up World Changers, I mentioned the prevention work we do in the local junior high and high schools.  This week we had the privilege of going into one of the schools we have been teaching at for the past four years. Every year we get the same question, “What do the pimps look like?” In my six years… Read more »
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The Death of a Sweet Friend

The FBI once quoted that the average lifespan of a prostitute is seven years.  I don’t know how they got their numbers or where they found their research, but instead of debating it, just stop and think about it for a minute. There is no other profession in the world with the average lifespan of only seven years.  A 2004… Read more »

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He Permanently Marks Her as His

Recidivism is extremely high amongst the women and children I work with. In The Pull Back In, I talk about a few of the external influences for why a girl might run back to “the life”.  This week, I would like to address a few additional factors that go on inside almost every one of the women and girls I… Read more »

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Can you Turn a Hoe into a Housewife?

Thanks to Ludacris‘ terrible song Ho, the phrase “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” was born.  I hate this saying and it is something that is completely untrue.  Where does this hate and judgment come from? Are we as a culture so set in making others feel less about themselves in order to convince ourselves that we are better… Read more »

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A Contributing Factor to Why Victims Don’t Run

We’ve all heard of Stockholm Syndrome, the psychological phenomenon where a victim is bonded to his or her captor.  What makes this bond so strong and last for so long? Is it ever possible to successfully break away? I sat down with one of my friends today to try and wrap my head around the psychological manipulation that I see… Read more »

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The Woman Everyone Aspires To Be

Tonight we celebrated my dear friend Emily Cales, who was recognized as Reno’s Phenomenal Community Member by the Alliance for Victims’ Rights.  Ms. Emily is someone very special to every one of the women we work with and every one of their children.  It doesn’t matter who you ask within Awaken, we all aspire to be like Emily when we… Read more »

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What About the Women in the Brothels?

There has been a lot of media attention recently about Nevada’s legal brothels. I see the hope and excitement in the eyes of those in the anti trafficking movement on how negative press can lead to bigger changes, such as brothels being shut down. I get pretty excited about these things too, but I also want us to consider what… Read more »

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The Pull Back In

What makes leaving “the life” so difficult? In a domestic violent relationship, it is said that a girl will go back to her abuser on average seven times before she actually leaves.  What is the draw and why do so many girls run right back just after reaching out for help? I think we have this idea in our minds… Read more »

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Life’s Curveballs

In working with victims of commercial sexual exploitation, the only thing I have found to be predictable is that it will always be unpredictable.  This may hold true for working with any population that involves people.  I love and hate that we have free choice.  Our decisions don’t just affect us, but others.  I have found the only way to… Read more »

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Celebrating Successes

Next month we hit an important milestone for Awaken, the anti sex trafficking organization I co-founded.  It was in May of 2011 when we first received word that we were now a legitimate 501c3 organization recognized by the IRS. I think back over those past years to all that I have learned, the struggles and heartache I have felt, and… Read more »

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Exposing Pornography

I have heard the average age of first exposure to pornography being anywhere from 9 – 12 years old.  Picture a 9-year-old, they are in the 4th grade and should be obsessing over sports and nail polish, not naked women. Seeing image after image that will never go away, it might possibly fade over time, but will be forever imprinted… Read more »

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Fighting for the One

There is something to be said for statistics.  People may not love crunching the numbers, but ultimately they love the numbers.  They need to be convinced there is actually a problem and testimonies of the few sometimes fall short.  You can argue the validity of someone’s retelling of a story, but you can’t argue with the numbers…right? “There are 21… Read more »

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Subliminal Sex

I saw this picture on Monday and it has continued to make an impression on me.  How have we let the objectification of women get so far out of hand?  Do we value others? Do we even value ourselves?  We live in a society that has normalized the buying and selling of sex; we are inundated with it on TV… Read more »

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